"Joining Phoenix has been one of the best things I've done! I am attending as many events as I can and really enjoying myself. Great people and great activities!
D. K.

"I thought I would pass on my feedback to date regarding my new membership with the club. Like you say, if we don't tell you, you can't act. So far I have been to 3 events. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how welcome you all made me feel, and even more thrilled with the calibre of the people I am meeting. Interesting, polite and intelligent, what more could a lady want? I am a socially aware person, who loves going out. Being single, with most of my friends coupled up, meant that I was often going places alone. I still got to see the film/play, but it is not the same as doing it AND having interesting companions to share the experience with."
S. E.

"I've been a member of Phoenix for over 10 years now, and love it. Thanks for all your help and for all the wonderful hard work you put into Phoenix; we really appreciate it."
R. J.

"I just wanted to let you know that Tony and I will not be renewing our membership. We just don't have the spare time these days to attend anything. We have made some truly wonderful friendships in Phoenix and will maintain those for sure and I would really like to thank you for running Phoenix which gave us the opportunity to meet such a wonderful group of friends also gave Tony and I the opportunity to meet each other too. I'm not sure if you know but Tony and I are getting married in April. So thanks for all the efforts in running a wonderful club and I wish you well in the future. Kind Regards"
S. T. & A. T.

"Hi gang! I just wanted to say what a great night I had at the last function. Thanks to all those who organised the night - it went off without a hitch. As a new member of nearly 3 months standing, I have been very impressed with the way the event was held. It was surprising that so many people were willing to dance so early in the night and conversations were easy to start up. I have found the normal day-to-day events much the same and I have already met quite a number of people at the 6 + events I have been to so far. Thanks again and I look forward to a great 'partnership' with Phoenix."
J. D.