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'Single's Club' the TV Series

Singles Club

Beginning on Valentine's Day in February 2006, Phoenix Lifestyle was the focus of a 5 part documentary series called 'Singles Club' on SBS following the lives, loves and challenges of five of our Members.

The Jetstar Magazine reviewer said "an intimate and often emotional journey with six very different people searching for love... it offers an insight into another world for those happily connected and hope, inspiration and direction for those still out there looking".

Filmed for over 2 years in and around Phoenix Lifestyle events, 'Singles Club' rapidly became compulsory Wednesday night viewing, receiving very high ratings and enthusiastic reviews.

Whilst the producers yielded to the temptation to focus on the 'love aspect' rather than the unused hundreds of hours filmed of social events and activities, Singles Club nevertheless gave an insight into both the difficulties and opportunities of single life in the new Millennium.  The photo displayed is one of the members featured in the series.

It also showed why Phoenix Lifestyle was selected as the vehicle for the program. Our club's unique blend of fun, social interaction and lifestyle activities was shown as being an ideal environment for relationship opportunities to naturally evolve.

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